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Roasted veggies up close

Roasting Radishes: the best way to win over a radish hater

Radishes and Turnips
Some of the ingredients: salad turnips and chopped radishes.

This is the raddest radish recipe. Or should we call it a technique? Either way, roasting radishes is a fresh take on these spicy beauties.

Flavor sweetens: Roasting the radish takes some of the spice out of the radish, and some of the flavor that many radish haters hate fades. They become a little sweeter and don’t bite back as much.

Super quick: Roasting radishes takes maybe 10 – 15 minutes. So quick!

Beautiful: Mix these in with any of your favorites (last night I chose cauliflower, carrots, and salad turnips) and they will make your dish look fabulous.

The Recipe: Roasted Radishes

Roasted veggies
Just out of the oven! Gave them lots of room to crisp and cook quickly.


1 bunch radishes (or more!)

Mix of other veggies, enough to fill two baking sheets (that way you have leftovers). I used 1 head of cauliflower, 5 carrots, and a bunch of salad turnips

2 tablespoons fat of your choice, I used duck fat. Make sure it is something that will cook at high heat (coconut oil, animal fat, BUTTER)

How to:

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Chop your vegetables to equal sizes, about 1 – 2 inch chunks. Toss them together with melted oil, salt and pepper. Feel free to add in some spices or herbs or even a bit of lemon.

I roasted my veggies for around 20 minutes, stirring halfway through. I added the radishes and turnips in after the rest had been roasting for about 5 minutes.



Beyond greens

Things are getting a little more diverse this week. . . Here are some ideas for things that will most likely be in your share, and a few things that are on the horizon. It’s looking like a yummy week, folks.

Likely this week


I covered the space alien that I love so dearly a few weeks ago — check out those ideas here.  I love Kohlrabi, see?

kissing kohlrabi



Have you ever grilled lettuce?  Romaine, which is available at many of our farms, is awesome on the grill.

Also, a few salads to spice  up your old favorites:

Classic Caesar from the Nourished Kitchen

A few red and green leaf lettuce recipes from the Huffington Post’s WTF CSA?

And this, a few salad recipes AND a description of the many types of lettuce you may see in your CSA box.  Nice NPR!

I know, you’re sooooo over salads. I hear you. And Serious Eats has a few suggestions . . . including lettuce soup — sounds disgusting, but I bet it is really good.  You tell me!

Mustard Greens

These guys are a little intimidating, so I am covering them again. . . They are really a lovely, easy to use vegetable. Promise. And, they go well with BACON.  How can you argue with that?

NPR’s the Salt did a great article, with recipes, on GREENS, including mustards.  You don’t have to be southern to love ’em.

This is something I had never seen before. . . dumplings! And greens. I haven’t tried this yet, so let me know how it goes.

On the horizon

Broccoli rabe/rapini & broccolini

Some of our farms will have one or the other of these.  There are some differences — they aren’t even in the same family.  But they can often replace broccoli in recipes, and are both great in fritattas, stir fries (easy!), and casseroles.

Broccolini is a member of the brassica family — it is tender, sweet, and not as bitter as broccoli.

Broccoli rabe/rapini (Very similar veggies, though not exactly the same.  They are close enough that you can interchange them in recipes) are members of the mustard family.

Snap peasSnap peas

Snap peas are another that will be hard to get home. . . so good for a raw snack.  But also so good eaten when cooked.

Easy peasy recipe: sauteed with oil and salt!  Or this one, which has a little mint.  It does require you to use the oven at 450. . . and there’s hot weather on the horizon.  A good fan might be worth your while to push air through the kitchen. . .

This is another great side dish, that is oh so seasonal — it includes radishes (and when you saute those radishes, they chill out quite a bit on the spiciness scale).

Salad turnips

Salad turnips are one of the vegetables that have been forgotten in this, the modern world.  They were certainly served in my grandmother’s farmhouse kitchen.  But they are yet to be made hip like heirloom tomatoes.

They are delicious raw. Try them on your kids (especially while you are picking up your veggies at the farm — kids eat things there that they won’t eat raw at home . . . at least mine does). You might find yourself eating them like an apple on your way home from CSA pickup.  You can also cut them up for dipping in hummus or pesto.

If you can get them home un-munched, here are a few ideas. . .


Here’s a recipe round-up for salad turnips — including wicked easy salad turnips and greens, and a salsa verde recipe.

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